CAP-OFF is the battery maintenance solution for your electric golf cart. Checking the water level in your electric golf cart batteries is easy when you use the ergonomically designed CAP-OFF tool to remove the battery caps. Your skin and clothes do not come in contact with the battery caps or the acid. The cap stays securely inside the socket of CAP-OFF while your other hand fills your battery with distilled water. A simple and easy solution for maintaining the life of your electric golf cart batteries.



The patented design of CAP-OFF is engineered to remove and securely hold the 3 most common types of battery caps.

CAP-OFF easily affixes to your keychain as a reminder to check the water level in your batteries.

The ergonomic design of CAP-OFF fits smoothly in your hand allowing for the easy removal of the battery cap.

CAP-OFF  holds the battery cap securely in the socket as you visually check the water level in each battery cell. Battery manufacturers recommend the use of distilled water only which can be found at the grocery store.


1. Align CAP-OFF over the top of the battery cap and press down firmly.
2. Turn CAP-OFF counter clockwise a 1/4 turn.
3. Lift CAP-OFF up noting that the battery cap stays securely in the tool socket.
4. Visually inspect the water level in the battery cell and add distilled water if required.
5. With the battery cap securely affixed inside the socket of CAP-OFF insert the battery cap into the filling port of the cell.
6. Turn CAP-OFF clockwise a 1/4 turn.
7. Lift CAP-OFF straight up to release it from the battery cap.
8. Repeat these steps with each battery cap.

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As a lift truck service technician, Murray Velkow primarily repairs electric forklifts. He discovered that one of the most common requests for service was caused by operators allowing the water level in the batteries to deplete and not replenish it. The depletion of the water in a lead acid battery is standard and happens when a battery heats up causing the water in the battery cell to evaporate. There are two occurrences which will cause a battery to heat up. The first is discharge which happens when the electric vehicle is driven and the drive motors are drawing power from the batteries. The second is recharge which requires a high rate of charge to bring the battery back to a full charge state. In both situations this heat of the charge causes the water in the battery to evaporate. If the water level in a battery is not maintained then the heat up process accelerates and will rapidly reduce the life of the battery. The very simple solution to preserving the life of these very expensive batteries is to regularly check the water level in the battery cells.
So why wasn’t this happening? Why was Murray continuing to go to service calls only to find out that the reason the forklift was not running was because the battery was damaged due to a lack of water in the batteries. The answer he heard over and over was that the battery caps are difficult to remove or once removed the caps fall on the floor or inside the forklift and out of reach. Another reason was that the operators did not want to touch the caps even with gloves because of the danger of the sulphuric acid inside the batteries which can burn the skin or clothes. Murray even saw one woman removing the battery caps with a pair of non-insulated metal pliers! All of these situations made Murray decide to find a solution and that was the beginning of the evolution of CAP-OFF.  It started with a round piece of pipe which he ground 4 notches into and attached a screwdriver handle to the top. And from there Murray redesigned and engineered several prototypes before patenting the final CAP-OFF product – the simple and safe solution to removing the battery caps in electric vehicles – the battery maintenance solution.

CAP-OFF has taken off in the industrial market and is sold worldwide as an essential tool for safe removal of battery caps in electric forklifts and included as a key component in PPE – Personal Protection Equipment – kits.

So what does this have to do with golf carts? Lift open the seat of your cart and you will see – electric golf carts use the same type of battery as electric forklifts – a lead acid battery. CAP-OFF is paired perfectly with electric golf carts as the simple solution for making your regular battery checks a breeze! CAP-OFF has a patented ergonomic design that fits smoothly in your hand allowing the battery cap to be easily removed and it stays securely in the socket - it won't fall out. You can hold the CAP-OFF in one hand with the cap inside and visually check the water level. If necessary, use your other hand to fill the battery cell with distilled water and then replace the cap by pressing CAP-OFF firmly into the cell and turning clockwise. It’s that simple! Try one and see for yourself – and please let us know what you think – we would love to hear from you! Enjoy your CAP-OFF – the battery maintenance solution!


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